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2018 Events

May 17 - 19

Right Mindset, Right Idea, Right Network
How do we overcome a limited mindset?  How do we overcome our own Upper Limit Challenge? Can we combat a “fixed mindset” and open the door to a “growth mindset?” Here’s a process to stage these three critical elements for success - mindset, idea, and network. 
Nail those and success is unavoidable.

Dan - Mindset
Deb - Right Idea (I changed my mind)

September 27 - 29

Leonardo Da Vinci
Each of us uses only a fraction of our brain power. Lessons from the greatest genius of all time. There are seven essential elements of genius that any of us can develop. Intelligence goes far beyond the storing of knowledge. Could you have developed models for the helicopter, anemometer, parachute, scuba gear, and a revolving bridge in 1475, when these were “impossible” ideas? How can you learn to see solutions and possibilities you’ve been overlooking.